Upper School Deans Recognition of Core Values for 12/6

   Stefan Letica demonstrated TEAMWORK by sitting in on baritone during the 7-8 band concert to fill in for a student who broke his arm.  Give Stefan a huge Cougar Growl!  GRRR!

   Rachel Armstrong and Tommy Chepke demonstrated TEAMWORK when they graciously volunteered to carry several boxes from the parking lot to the art studio.  Thanks guys!

   Emily Beeken, Timmy Hennigan, Jaclyn Konefal, and Blair Matherly demonstrated PASSION when they returned after school to repeat a lab to get better results.  Way to go, guys!

   Blair Matherly demonstrated TEAMWORK for her work on creating an online study list – with games and flash cards available – for Word Within the Word Vocab lists 1-6.  English II students owe Blair a Cougar Growl!

   Carly Davis demonstrated INTEGRITY for being the saintly helper of Katherine Goode since Katherine’s injury a few weeks ago.  If you have not noticed, it is because Carly does this without calling attention to herself.  That’s the mark of friendship and Integrity!

   Stewart Brown and Thomas Campbell demonstrated TEAMWORK and RESPECT by replacing all the desks in Mr. Coggins’ room that had been moved for yoga class. GRRREEEAT work guys!