Upper School Deans Recognition of Core Values for 12/10

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  Will Bost demonstrated great TEAMWORK when he jumped out of his seat to volunteer to work with a peer whose teammate was absent during an English presentation.  Way to go, Will!

  Jameson Williams demonstrated PASSION when he spent his five minutes between classes cleaning the end of the chemistry hallway. He was considerate and cleaned up a mess that wasn’t his own.  You rock, Jameson!

  Woody Liles demonstrated PASSION by reading holiday stories to lower school students while they wrapped gifts during Project Wrap-In.

  Alyssa Dorfman, Aidan Smith, Sophia LaPietra, Jake Flynn, Carolyn Hynes, and Cassie Calvert exhibited wonderful TEAMWORK by moving the piano from Taylor Hall to the Choral Room…without a single scratch!  Not an easy feat at all!