Upper School Deans Recognition of Core Values for 12/13

  Becca Milroy, Mitali Samant, Kenzie Moyer, and Tyler Carson demonstrated TEAMWORK when they volunteered to go to the Lower School to pick up cookie containers.  Thanks girls!

  Bruna Liborio, Paris Wu, Megan Wellborn and Tommy Chepke demonstrated PASSION by volunteering their drop period to return costumes, props and set pieces to storage in order to prepare the room for a performance by the 8th grade Theater Arts class last week. Way to go, guys!

  Olivia Jewell demonstrated PASSION and TEAMWORK when she created a set of review flashcards and shared them with her marine science class!  Give Olivia a high five!

  Tory Foster and Dana Norton demonstrated TEAMWORK when they helped Mr. Segura move some heavy equipment in Taylor Hall.  Thanks girls!

  Jack Langford and Brianna Ratte demonstrated TEAMWORK when they helped a student clean up a broken lightbulb in the Commons.  Thanks guys!