US Dean’s Core Values


  Justin Redfern demonstrated KINDNESS when he stopped to help a friend clean up a spilled a drink in the hallway.  Give Justin a big Cougar Growl!  GRRR!

  Daelyn Bentley-Gotteldemonstrated PASSION when she found a supersite shortcut and shared it with her classmates.  Thanks Daelyn!

The Great Huffman's Advisory celebrates Daelyn!!!

  Tom Aumuller demonstrated INTEGRITY by turning in an I-Pod he found.  Thanks Tom!

  Matthew Godley demonstrated TEAMWORK and KINDNESS when sharing his book with a peer whose book had not arrived yet.  Thanks Matthew!

  Alex Letica demonstrated KINDNESS when holding the door open for several students that were arriving carrying heavy loads.  Way to go, Alex!

Dean Booker gives Alex a Cougar Growl!

  Sophie Ying demonstrated TEAMWORK when helping out a fellow student with her questions about Chinese language.  Give Sophie a high five!

  Lucie Randall demonstrated PASSION for the Chinese language when interacting with fellow international students from China to understand her homework.  Way to go beyond Lucie!