US Dean’s Core Values

   Ryan Creuzberger demonstrated KINDNESS for opening the door for Mrs. Shandley when her arms were full with items.  Thanks Ryan!


Erin's Advisory gives her a GRRRROWWLLL!

Erin Flynn, Madeleine Farrington, and Kate Beckman stepped up and volunteered to empty the over full bottle/can recycling container near the second floor stairwell.  Thanks girls!


Hannah earns a fearsome grrrr from Dean Booker!

Hannah Finch demonstrated TEAMWORK for picking up laptops left in the hallway after school and bringing them to Mr. Trojan’s office.  Give Hannah a high five!

  Caitlin Brewer demonstrated RESPECT when she was seen picking up trash in the Freshman hallway several times last week.  Give Caitlin a Cougar Growl!  GRRR!


Madeline's Advisory show their paws!

Steven Bennett demonstrated RESPECT for our school building when he picked up trash in the Freshman hallway.  Give Steven a Cougar Growl!  GRRR!