US Dean’s Core Values


Dean Booker hopes he's giving Andrew his CORE VALUE!

            Andrew Newman demonstrated KINDNESS when he offered to replace batteries in clock (went down to office to ask for batteries) and cleaned board.  Way to go, Andrew!

Juliana and Aidan's Awesome Advisory celebrate their INTERGITY and COURAGE!

Juliana Sirois demonstrated COURAGE when she was courageous & outspoken in class and caught a mistake on the board that her teacher did not catch while preparing the lecture. Now her teacher was able to fix it in F-block as well for Mr.Barma’s classes.  Go Juliana!

            Aidan Smith demonstrated INTEGRITY when she reminded the teacher that she hadn’t taken the quiz yet and asked if she should step out of the room when the teacher was going over the results.  Give Aidan a high-five!

            Sophia LaPietra demonstrated KINDNESS by bringing a bottle of water to her teacher.  Thanks Sophia!