US Dean’s Core Values

             Jared Hamilton demonstrated KINDNESS by helping a staff member hang up the sombrero on the wall in the cafeteria.  (after our scavenger hunt) she was too short and he was just the right height! 🙂

            Kamil Manzoor showed KINDNESS by returning a lost phone to its owner!

            Rachel Dyl demonstrated KINDNESS when she volunteered to assist a fellow yogi with his practice.  Well done, Rachel!

            Anna Estep demonstrated KINDNESS when she volunteered to clean a filthy white board.  Thank you, Anna!

            Rachel Fitzpatrick and Patrick Hunter demonstrated COURAGE when they volunteered to have their thesis statement evaluated by their class.  Give them a big Cougar Growl!

            Daniel Knox demonstrated INTEGRITY when he asked permission to remove notes from his binder during an open-note quiz, after the quiz had already started.  Give him a high five!

            Montel Lyles demonstrated RESPECT when he voluntarily rehung a poster that was falling off a classroom wall. Thank you, Montel!

            Joe Joe Vaccaro demonstrated INTEGRITY when he learned about a pop quiz ahead of time and did not attempt to cram/study for it at the last minute.  Way to go, Joe Joe!