US Dean’s Core Values


            Ryan Worgan demonstrated PASSION, RESPECT, and TEAMWORK when he went beyond by performing much needed tank maintenance on a classroom aquarium. Thank you Ryan!

            Justin Redfern demonstrated TEAMWORK and RESPECT when he noticed that a piece of live rock was left in the sink in Marine Science class and then moved it into a spare aquarium for safe keeping. Outstanding work!

            Matt Dacus, Nicola Rennie, and Jason Willix demonstrated KINDNESS by escorting TianLi students to their destination in the middle school.  Thanks guys!

            Matt Dacus and Jason Willix demonstrated TEAMWORK when they helped rearrange classroom furniture for his teacher.  Way to go, guys!

            Jake Flynn and Daniel Knox demonstrated PASSION when they created and illustrated a mnemonic device for por and para and distributed it to their classmates.  Give these Cougars a high-five!