US Dean’s Core Values

Kent Andrews showed INTEGRITY when he picked up trash from picnic tables outside while he though no one was watching!  Well done, Kent!!! Grrrr!

Akash Kejriwal demonstrated kindness by offering to carry a sound system from Mrs. Armstrong’s car into the building.

Aidan Smith demonstrated kindness by asking to help carry sound system from Mrs. Armstrong’s car to the building.

Tavia Hall demonstrated PASSION by doing a fantastic job as MC at the House Sorting Ceremony.  Way to go, Tavia!

Jodie Jackson demonstrated TEAMWORK when she volunteered to make copies of pages from her Alg. 2 textbook for her classmates who had not yet received their textbooks.  Give Jodie a high-five!

Jaillin Johnson demonstrated COURAGE when she spoke out and reminded her classmates to be respectful.  Give Jaillin a big Cougar Growl!  GRRR!

Adele Marchant and Evan Wimbish demonstrated TEAMWORK when they helped an injured player this year in the annual Desk Olympics competition. A big cougar growl to you both!  Grrrr!

Donovan Patterson demonstrated KINDNESS when he wrote the most thoughtful thank you e-mail to his teacher.  Way to go, Donovan!

Billy Schmitt demonstrated KINDNESS when he held the door open as his classmates flied out of Foundation Hall.  Thank you, Billy!

Will Chaiken demonstrated TEAMWORK by giving a friend an extra folder for class.  Thanks Will!