US Dean’s Core Values

Reed Harmon demonstrated TEAMWORK by cleaning up some of the trash left in the freshman hallway.  Thanks, Reed!

Chris Batchelor demonstrated PASSION for Spanish when he pointed out a mistake on the board! Way to keep the teacher on her toes!

Tori Campbell demonstrated RESPECT and great sportsmanship in her tennis match against Cox Mill. She handled a situation in a great way.  Give Tori a Cougar Growl!  GRRR!

Kyle Kays demonstrated PASSION by everyday choosing a new fun fact to update on the fact board and translates them into Spanish!  Thanks Kyle!

Bruna Liborio and Jameson Williams demonstrated PASSION by choosing to write their AP Spanish summer reflection in Spanish!  Way to go Bruna!

Rachel Fitzpatrick demonstrated KINDNESS and TEAMWORK when she volunteered her online code for another student to use until hers arrives. Thanks Rachel!

Leah Baker demonstrated KINDNESS while letting a classmate borrow her computer while she wasn’t using it to complete an important task. Thanks Leah!

Ally Gray and Iliana Ragnone demonstrated INTREGRITY by turning in an iPhone they found.  Thanks girls!

Tanner Cindric demonstrated KINDNESS when he willingly gave up his desk in class so a visiting student could sit with the student she was shadowing.  Thanks Tanner!

Emily Fromke, Taylor Marks, Anna Redding, and Taylor Shue demonstrated RESPECT for the environment and Cannon School by picking up the messes left by other US students outside the backside of the cafeteria when they finished their lunches.  Second time this week…  Give these a girls a HUGE Cougar Growl!  GRRR!

Josh Lewis demonstrated COURAGE by introducing himself to a teacher he didn’t know.  Way to go, Josh!

Juliana Sirois demonstrated INTEGRITY when she realized immediately that answers were written on a test and handed it back to Ms. Stavrakas.  Way to go, Juliana!

Olivia Knox demonstrated INTEGRITY when she went out of her way to update Ms. Hutchinson on a previous conversation they had.  Give Olivia a high-five!