US Dean’s Core Values

Kent Andrews, Tre’ Anderson-Davis,

Madeleine gets a GRRRRR from Dean Booker!

 Farrington, and Mark Regnery showed TEAMWORK when they volunteered to remove all of the cafeteria trays and cardboard from the hallways in preparation for PON night.  Thank you!!!!!  Grrrr!!!!

Tyler Haritan and Brandon Wade showed TEAMWORK when they helped Dean Booker get some recycling containers from the Middle School.  Thank you gentlemen!!! Mr. Aldridge’s Advisory demonstrated RESPECT by sending a very nice thank you note to Mrs. Otey for the doughnuts she brought for them.  Thanks guys!

Austen Poteet, Jeffrey Schacher, Dominick Vacarro demonstrated TEAMWORK and KINDNESS for staying after class and helping to put away the partition for the Library Annex on Tuesday.  Thanks guys!

Daniela Malmstrom demonstrated INTEGRITY when she found a stack of tests that had mistakenly been left in the hall and immediately informed a teacher. The test was for a class she is taking, and she made extra sure not to look at the questions.  Give Daniela a big Cougar Growl!  GRRR!

Anthony Perrino demonstrated KINDNESS when he carried the make-up box from the Commons to the third floor during his drop so it would be there for the next class.  Thanks Anthony!

Will Cato demonstrated KINDNESS when he requested that his bonus points on a quiz be shared with the class.  Thanks Will!

Paul Anderson demonstrated RESPECT by retrieving a bag of chips that got suspended in the atrium.  Thanks Paul!