US Dean’s Core Values

Jordan Battle demonstrated RESPECT by offering to get a chair for his teacher.  Thanks Jordan!

Josh Lewis demonstrated COURAGE by introducing himself to a teacher he didn’t know.  Way to go, Josh!

Davis Nelson and Cassidy Goff demonstrated INTEGRITY when they pointed out that they deserved lower scores on a quiz than they received.  Way to go!

Jacqueline deGorter admitted to having a question incorrect when marked as correct on a quiz. Amazing INTEGRITY!

Katie McClanahan demonstrated KINDNESS and TEAMWORK when she loaned a classmate a pen so he could take a quiz.  Thank you, Katie!

Olivia Clark demonstrated TEAMWORK by taking a tray back to the cafeteria.  Thanks Olivia!

Katherine Goode, Paige Brown, Madi Waugh, and Anneliese Schlesinger demonstrated TEAMWORK by cleaning up a mess.  Give these girls a big Cougar Growl!  GRRR!

Emily Beeken demonstrated INTEGRITY by making sure a teacher knew she should not get credit for taking part in an activity she did not participate in.  Way to go, Emily!