US Dean’s Core Values

Jordan Wallace demonstrated INTEGRITY when she turned in a change purse she found in the hallway.  Give her a GRRRowl when you see her in the hallways!

Donovan Patterson and Rachel Harris demonstrated TEAMWORK when they did an incredible job reviewing power points on ancient civilizations.  Way to go! Great job!

Ariana Forouzad demonstrated INTEGRITY by emailing her teachers to let them know that she was going to be absent, and to assure them that she would stay on top of her work.  Way to go, Ariana!

Daniel Knox demonstrated KINDNESS for escorting a centipede to its new outdoor home.  Thanks Daniel!

David Shaw demonstrated RESPECT for the campus when he offered to take the corrugated cardboard box to the dumpster for Mrs. Armstrong.  Way to start the day!

Juliana Sirois demonstrated TEAMWORK & KINDNESS when she offered to make a quizlet combining 3 Word Within the Word lists, knowing students needed a cumulative study tool.  Thanks Juliana!

Bailey Middleton and Dara Tokunboh demonstrated KINDNESS by helping another student with a topic they did not understand while her teacher was busy working with another student.  Way to go, Bailey!