US Dean’s Core Values

Austin Coale demonstrated KINDNESS when he was spotted holding the door open as the entire freshman class exited Foundation Hall for a class meeting on Friday.  Thanks Austin!!

Rob Lewis demonstrated RESPECT when he returned a stack of trays to the cafeteria.  Thank you, Rob!

Rachel Fitzpatrick demonstrated INTEGRITY when she pointed out what she believed to be an error in quiz grading that would have been in her favor.  Way to go, Rachel!

Logan Foster demonstrated INTEGRITY when he asked if he could look at a study guide that had been posted on Haiku that he was not meant to access yet.  Way to go, Logan!

Colleen Hurley demonstrated KINDNESS when she volunteered to clean a teacher’s whiteboard during student choice on Friday.  Thank you!

Donovan Patterson and Rachel Harris demonstrated TEAMWORK and KINDNESS when they stayed behind after a messy activity to help clean up.  Thank you both!

David Ratté demonstrated INTEGRITY when he found money in the hallway that he turned into the office.  Way to go, David!

David Shaw demonstrated PASSION for learning by tracking down one of his teachers to get his work for the block because he was leaving school early.  Way to Go Beyond, David!!