US Dean’s Core Values

Abby Sparrow demonstrated COURAGE and INTEGRITY when she handled a sticky situation responsibly.  WTG, Abby!

Eva Zafari and Davis Nelson demonstrated INTEGRITY when they admitted they had been awarded more points than they earned on a quiz.  Way to go!

Shivani Varma demonstrated INTEGRITYwhen she found a teacher edition textbook that was missing and returned it to her teacher.  Muchas gracias, Shivani!!

Maryclaire Farrington, Danny Brenner, Taylor Marks, and Anna Redding demonstrated TEAMWORK and KINDNESS when they offered to take the Merchant of Venice Final Performance backdrops back up to Miss Kundel’s room from Foundation Hall.  Thanks guys!!

Juliana Sirois demonstrated PASSION by sharing a quizlet she created with her peers. Thanks Juliana!!

Kendall McReynolds and Hannah Wheeler demonstrated INTEGRITY by turning in items they found in the bathroom.  Give these girls a high-five!