US Dean’s Core Values


Dara earns a growlllllll!

Dara earns a growlllllll!

Dara Tokunboh demonstrated KINDNESS when she allowed a classmate to jump ahead of her in line to talk to a teacher.

Caitlin Brewer demonstrated KINDNESS when she voluntarily filled out an exam worksheet for a fellow advisee who was absent.  Thanks Caitlin!

Christina Stylianou demonstrated INTEGRITY when she asked a classmate to not discuss a test she had not taken yet.  Way to go, Christina!

Brianne Underwood demonstrated COURAGE by publicly standing up for a friend.  Give Brianne a huge Cougar Growl!  GRRR!

Meghan Hendry demonstrated KINDNESS when she rehung all the papers that had fallen from her advisor’s wall overnight. She did it without being asked, incredibly sweet young lady!