US Dean’s Core Values

Brandon Wade demonstrated KINDNESS when he waited for more than is customary to hold the door for a faculty member.  You rock, Brandon!

Myles Martino and Ben Dorfman showed KINDNESS (and strength) when they helped Dean Booker load a piece of furniture into his minivan.  Thank you, men!!!

Adam Swez, Jaillin Johnson, and Mr. Jean demonstrated TEAMWORK by helping a student in need.  Give these guys a huge Cougar Growl!  GRRR!

Kelli Baker demonstrated RESPECT for our school and a teacher when she went into the room to close windows that had been left open.  Thanks Kelli!

Allie Gray demonstrated KINDNESS for loaning her belt to a friend in need!  Thanks Allie!

Sydney Green demonstrated KINDNESS (a while ago) when she darted across the quad to open a door for a teacher carrying a big load.  Give Sydney a high-five!

Justin Fromke demonstrated PASSION by leading his advisory through the student life activity.  Give Justin a high-five!!