Greetings from China

Upper School Chinese teacher Lirong Wang and Cannon School students are currently traveling China. Cannon School organized a trip to China to visit Tianli, our sister school, in Luzhou from June 8-22, 2013. Students in Chinese class are practicing their language skills, immersing themselves into the local culture, and experiencing historical and cultural sites. All students are being hosted by families at Tianli International School, just as we host our Chinese visitors when they travel to Cannon School.

Mrs. Wang, the upper school Chinese teacher and the lead chaperone, sent us this update on their travels.

We are having a great time in China! After visiting many places in Beijing, we flew to Xian and visited Xian City Wall, Bell Tower, Terra Cotta, Banpo Museum and Hot Springs.

Now we are visiting Tianli, our sister school in Sichuan. We received a very warm welcome when we arrived June 17th. The Tianli students had beautiful flowers welcoming us at the gate and made us feel like royalty.

The students are doing great, we had some local visits yesterday, and ate good food. Today they are attending cultural classes and tomorrow we will visit some local attractions. Friday we will go to the Panda reserve. After Tianli, we will fly to Shanghai for our last stop.

The following photos are just a sample of the many things the students are experiencing.

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