celebrating Sydney

celebrating Sydney

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   “Sometimes the most ordinary things can be made extraordinary, simply by doing them with the right people.”- Elizabeth Green

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10:20 -11:15 Advisory: Summer reading activity

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Sydney Green showed KINDNESS when she helped a new student learn how to take a screen snapshot in English Class.

Ryan Emerson demonstrated INTEGRITY when he turned in a cell phone that was left in the commons. Great job.

Go Daniel

Go Daniel

Jordan Johnson, Jonathan Nephew, Daniel Patton, Zach Venos, Jordan Battle, and Kendall Applegate demonstrated TEAMWORK when they helped move some chairs from Taylor Hall to Boswell Gym. Grrr!

Brad Schlosser showed INTEGRITY when he kindly waited for and insisted that he should hold the door open for a teacher. So sweet.

Amy Clark displayed INTEGRITY when she did not open a confidential email meant for a faculty member and sent to her by accident.  Instead, she forwarded the unopened email to the teacher.

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Cougar growl for Jordan

The Zelaya Advisory would like to recognize Alex Leck for demonstrating KINDNESS on a daily basis! Thank you for your smile!

Juliana Sirois showed KINDNESS today when she saw Miss Owens carrying a load of supplies to her classroom and offered to help!


Dr. Moyer addresses the Upper School students about the importance of team work.

Dr. Moyer addresses the Upper School students about the importance of adding value to a team on and off the field.

Public Proclamations

Leadership lunch today in foundation hall. Anyone interested in learning how to lead should attend these lunches. Everyone is encouraged and welcome! Bring your own lunch.

Cannon School’s men’s A Cappella group will be holding auditions for the 2013-2014 season.   Auditions will be held in the Piano Lab on Wednesday, September 4th during lunch (11:30am).   All gentlemen with vocal experience are encouraged to audition, especially those with vocal percussive skills.  See Mr. Herder or any member of “The Gentlemen” for more information.

House Impetus will have a WHOLE HOUSE meeting, today  during Student Choice in Foundation Hall (9:50-10:15). Please come prepared with ideas and questions for your new house leaders. This is mandatory for all House Impetus members – but it should not take the entire Choice time. Try to think of this as one of our “practices” before the House Games. After all, we’ve gotta know the rules to master the game. House Impetus, let’s get pumped up to keep the Gossage Cup!

SENIORS – Have you been contacted by an organization named QUESTBRIDGE?  If you have heard from this organization by email or snail mail, please let your college counselor know right away.  This is a wonderful organization that matches eligible students to high quality colleges and universities.  The deadline to apply for this college matching process is September 27.

Honor Signing

Honor Signing

The first Cannon Reading invasion is a way to celebrate our school’s passion for reading, to enjoy our school’s beautiful campus, and to share some quality time with members of our school community.The idea is simple- students, faculty, and staff bring something to read and “invade” a space on campus. Cannon Reading Invasion is not a book club but a time to come together during the school day to enjoy the act of reading and to remind our fellow Cougars that reading is an important part of our lives.The first Cannon Reading Invasion is scheduled for Friday, September 6th during student choice (1:05 pm to 1:30 pm). We will “invade” the quad.The entire Cannon School community is invited to join fellow Cougars for some reading and relaxing in our most beautiful spaces on campus.

enjoying the new library

enjoying the new library

Cannon Theater Company auditions for both the fall production of Rhinoceros and the winter production of Much Ado About Nothing will take place after school from Wednesday August 28 through Wednesday September 4. Students can sign up for a half-hour audition slot and pick up audition info by the Cannon Theater Company bulletin board located in the Upper School building inside the stairwell near Foundation Hall. Those students with fall athletic commitments who would like to audition for the winter production but aren’t available to audition after school will be able to sign up for an alternative audition time. Students only interested in doing tech for theater productions don’t need to audition, and there will be more info on tech in the coming weeks. Email Andy Macdonald at with any questions.

After School Events:

Volleyball – Girls Varsity
6:00 PM
Location: Woodlawn School
Volleyball – Girls Varsity vs Woodlawn School
upperclassmen during student choice

upperclassmen during student choice

Soccer (Fall) – Boys Varsity
6:30 PM
Location: North Raleigh Christian
Soccer (Fall) – Boys Varsity vs North Raleigh Christian