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   “Motivation is like the tide. It raises everyone up when it comes in. “-Bill Burch

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Birthday: Nikolas Reid

   Jodi Jackson demonstrated KINDNESS and TEAMWORK when she offered a freshman advice on how to seek out help from a teacher and other study techniques.  So awesome!!!

Mackenzie Hanby demonstrated PASSION for learning when she was going to miss her afternoon Geometry class and she went to another Geometry class during her drop period!

Public Proclamations

 FRESHMEN: The deadline to apply for the internship with the Honor Council is Friday 9/6.  See Ms. Lineberger for details.

Mr. Davis spends his arts drop talking with students

Mr. Davis spends his arts drop talking with students

SENIORS – Have you been contacted by an organization named QUESTBRIDGE?  If you have heard from this organization by email or snail mail, please let your college counselor know right away.  This is a wonderful organization that matches eligible students to high quality colleges and universities.  The deadline to apply for this college matching process is September 27.  Please let your counselor know if you have been offered this opportunity.

Juniors and Seniors: Register on Family Connections to meet with a College Representative from Bucknell University.  He will be in Room 616 Thursday, September 5th at 12:25!

Cannon School’s men’s A Cappella group will be holding auditions for the 2013-2014 season.   Auditions will be held in the Piano Lab on Wednesday, September 4th during lunch (11:30am).   All gentlemen with vocal experience are encouraged to audition, especially those with vocal percussive skills.  See Mr. Herder or any member of “The Gentlemen” for more information.


The first Cannon Reading invasion is a way to celebrate our school’s passion for reading, to enjoy our school’s beautiful campus, and to share some quality time with members of our school community.The idea is simple- students, faculty, and staff bring something to read and “invade” a space on campus. Cannon Reading Invasion is not a book club but a time to come together during the school day to enjoy the act of reading and to remind our fellow Cougars that reading is an important part of our lives.The first Cannon Reading Invasion is scheduled for Friday, September 6th during student choice (1:05 pm to 1:30 pm). We will “invade” the quad.The entire Cannon School community is invited to join fellow Cougars for some reading and relaxing in our most beautiful spaces on campus.

students enjoying drop and working hard.

students enjoying drop and working hard.


Calling all future House Impetus leaders! Are you interested in learning more about the inner workings of the House System? Are you crazy about the Gossage Cup? Are you a leader who hasn’t had the chance to shine at Cannon yet? This opportunity is for you! House Impetus is looking for 3 leadership interns (2 sophomores and 1 junior) for the 2013-14 school year. Interns will have the unique ability to learn about the new house system while helping their house leaders bring home this year’s Gossage Cup. Interns should be organized and have a go-getter attitude, but we are most interested in finding interns that exude Impetus’ motto – “Enthusiasm for Life.”If any of this applies to you, please e-mail Miss Kundel ( with your application. The application should be a 1 page, MLA formatted document that answers the following 2 questions. 1. Why are you interested in leadership? What specifically excites you about working in the House System? 2. What new ideas do you have for the House System? What unique abilities/traits/passions can you bring to the table? We look forward to hearing from you all! 

After School Events:

Tennis (Fall) Girls JV
4:30 PM
Location: Cannon School
Tennis (Fall) Girls JV vs Charlotte Latin