Cannon Students are Wild about Reading

Wild About Reading

Over the summer, Cannon Lower School students participated in a summer reading program with the theme “Wild about Reading!” Each student was given the goal to read at least twenty-four hours over the summer, which equates to about twenty minutes per day.

While reading is its own reward, a variety of incentives were provided to encourage participation. Seven classes earned a dress-down day for 100% participation; twelve classes earned a dress-down day for achieving at least a twenty-four hour average; and the class with the highest class average (earned by Mr. West’s class with an average of 56.64 hours per student) earned a dress-down week. The name of every student who turned in a reading log is on a paw mounted on a wall in the Lower/Middle School Library.

Our students demonstrated their “Go Beyond” attitudes by increasing annually in almost every single area. This year, 251 students (91%) participated, reading 8,590.5 hours for an average of 34.23 hours per student! Such numbers reflect a continued interest in reading for pleasure. At the Lower School assembly on August 28, students who read over thirty hours were recognized. Cannon’s Top Cat Summer Readers, who read more than 100 hours, are: Breeze Pleasant ’22 (100 hours), Nicolas Breslin ’24 (102 hours), Hannah Mohammed ’22 (107 hours), Taylor McGibbon ’22 (115 hours), Dillon Casey ’22 (120 hours), Sophia Segura ’23 (168 hours), Harshini Gadudasu ’22 (168 hours), Aidan Swartz ’22 (197 hours), Matthew Kroll ’22 (219 hours), and Ellen Harper ’24 (240 hours).

Congratulations to all of our reading students for their teamwork and “Go Beyond” effort.