6 words can make a difference

Packing up my desk to head out to the field to watch one of my sons play soccer, I can’t help but think about something I read a few weeks ago.  And as a parent, I wish I had read it several YEARS ago!

On his blog, Growing Leaders, Tim Elmore posted a note back in August that, I think, should be required reading for every parent.

Have fun. Play hard. I love you.

Have fun. Play hard. I love you.

Elmore’s premise is this — if parents are more thoughtful about some of the things they say to their children before and after they perform (in athletics, on stage, at school, etc.) we can significantly enhance the impact of our message.

For example, Elmore points out three simple phrases that parents should consider saying BEFORE their children step onto the field.  They are:

  1. Have fun.
  2. Play hard.
  3. I love you.

He goes on to suggest similar phrases to share AFTER a competition or performance.

In the end, Elmore offers a 6-word statement that has the power to transform the communication that occurs between parents and children:   “I love to watch you play.”


Read more at Growing Leaders.

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