Adaptive Expertise in Action at Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad Photo

The Science Olympiad competition is truly an adaptive expertise experience. It is singular. It blends the core subjects, utilizes technology, stretches math skills, and tests science concepts relentlessly.

Students in both Middle and Upper School shared that they used “word within word,” which they learned in English, to answer questions at several of the testing stations during the competition. With cross-curriculum planning and our emphasis of identifying habits of mind, it is not surprising to hear students making connections between English, history, and math, to science and life.

Beyond the elements of competition, core values are easily observed in the members of our team. In debriefing, we hear stories of integrity, kindness, courage, passion, teamwork, and respect from the participants as they recognize core values in themselves and other competitors.

We are very proud of our students for taking numerous hours to be properly prepared for their performance in a highly competitive experience. A complete list and photos of Cannon’s young scholars can be found here. A video recap of the competition can also be viewed here.