Reading: Digital vs. Print (Is there a clear winner?)

Schools like to tout technology.  And in seemingly infinite ways, new technologies offer students experiences that are potentially richer, fuller, and more engaging than anything their parents did in school.Page 5 - option 2


(Of course there’s a but!)  

According to Hollly Korbey‘s recent post at Mindshift, there also continues to be healthy debate around the pros and cons of students use of technology — specifically as it relates to reading on digital devices.

“While ever more schools adopt textbooks and student reading materials to digital readers like iPads and Chromebooks,” Korbey writes in Can Students ‘Go Deep’ With Digital Reading? “…some recent research suggests students may comprehend more from reading print.”

At Cannon School, we see the benefits of students using technology to engage with content every day.  At the same time, we acknowledge the need to constantly assess our motivations for introducing new technologies.

Read Korbey’s complete blog post here.

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