Cannon School: Helping students become deep learners

At Cannon School, one of the goals in our work at all grade levels is to help students become deep learners.zoom_photo110590_926760

Deep learners include, as Ken Bain describes in his book, What the Best College Teachers Do, students who “…respond primarily to the challenge of mastering something, getting inside a subject and trying to understand it in all its complexity.”

So, I read with interest a recent blog post by Monica Martinez entitled 6 Rules to Break for Better, Deeper Learning Outcomes.

According to the Martinez post:

“Deeper learning is a set of learning outcomes for students that include:

  • Mastery of core academic content
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Productive collaboration
  • Effective communication
  • An ability to direct their own learning and exhibit a strong academic mindset.”

Given that — along with the research findings she references that support the benefits of deep learning — Martinez offers her list of six rules that, if broken, can put students on a path toward deeper learning and understanding.

Read the entire blog post — and offer up your own list of rules we should consider breaking!

Cannon School is a JrK-Grade 12 independent school in Concord, NC.