Make a Connection: Volunteer at Cannon

Cannon Connections

by Jessica Shirey, Cannon School Parent

When I ask parents who volunteer at Cannon to tell the story of how they got their start, I always expect them to tell me about a distinct moment of clarity or a grand call to action. Often, they shrug their shoulders, smile and explain how, “One day they just volunteered…” The same could be said when I recently sat down with Deanna Shue, the current President of Cannon Connections. She said that it all began for her by simply spending the day working at the Fall Book Fair. In recent weeks there have been so many events supported by Cannon Connections like the book fair, uniform consignment sale, classroom parties, teacher appreciation events, and the Shop and Share Program, that I wanted Deanna to tell us more.

Cannon Connections is one of four Parents at Cannon (PAC) organizations and it relies on over one hundred parent volunteers and its Leadership Committee to sponsor and support events throughout the school year. Its primary goals are to welcome and involve parents and support teachers and administration. One of its largest programs is the placement of grade leads and room parents throughout the three divisions to support the teachers’ classroom efforts. You have probably already assisted the organization by bringing in a snack for a classroom event, donating a gently used uniform, or even linking your Harris Teeter card and simply doing your normal grocery shopping in lieu of active fundraising.

As moms do, our conversation drifted to our children and then back to Cannon Connections. Naturally, we wanted to talk about the fun events like Spring’s Father-Daughter Dance and Mother-Son Event which came up as highlights of the year. These activities are designed to be age-inclusive so even the youngest Cougars can take pride in taking Mom out for a day of fun or Dad for an elegant evening of dancing. Deanna let me in on the themes for both this year and they sound exciting! Cannon Connections also assists with Prom, Cougar Day, and the Upper School used textbook sale, rounding out a full calendar. The school supply sale is already in the planning stages so know that the team of parent volunteers is working hard to support our children and our teachers next year as well.

Look for e-mails from your Room Parent that will provide you with the latest updates from Cannon Connections’ monthly meetings. If you would like to get involved as a volunteer, Deanna says that the best way is to choose an event that interests you and focus on helping at that event. At the end of the conversation, Deanna asked me how I started volunteering as your new parent blogger and we both just started laughing as I started my story because she already knew the beginning. “One day I just volunteered to help…”

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