Mimi Wahid ’17 on her Summer at MIT, Yale, and Being a Leader at Cannon


The Cannon School House system may first call to mind Harry Potter references, and rightfully so. The system helps Upper School students increase leadership opportunities, engage in competition, and celebrate the positive difference our young people make in our community. Our Houses are named for four of our core values (using their Latin translations)Integritas, Humanitas, Impetus, and Animus. Each House has its own culture, leadership, and spirit. We use an elaborate system for tracking points and competing for the esteemed Gossage Cup.

The following post was written by Ayesha Syed ’17, a member of House Integritas, about Mimi Wahid ’17 , who was names the House Integritas member of the month. A leader both on campus and off, she is truly deserving of this honor.


by Ayehsa Syed ’17

There are few students as involved in activities inside and outside of Cannon as our August Integritas Member of the Month, Mimi Wahid ‘17. In addition to her impressive level of engagement in the Cannon Community, Mimi also finds time for her rigorous coursework and her friends. She spent this summer attending programs at MIT and Yale, and this year is a leader of three clubs at Cannon.

The first program that Mimi attended this summer was a six week program at MIT, the Minority Introduction to Engineering and Science (MITES). She took advanced courses such as Calculus II, Physics II, and Engineering. Mimi says, “MITES was a truly life changing experience, and I am incredibly grateful to have had the privilege of attending.” Additionally, Mimi attended the Yale Young Global Scholars program at Yale University, where she learned about climate change from present environmental leaders. She says, “I am very passionate about environmental science, and this program gave me the chance to discuss our earth’s environmental crises with other equally passionate students with unique perspectives and experiences.”

Mimi is also involved extensively in leadership roles and activities at Cannon. She is Editor-In-Chief of the Cannon Upper School Paper, the President of Spectrum, the President of Envirothon, a student Ambassador, and a member of the Science Olympiad Team. Mimi pursues these activities with passion and dedication, saying that what she loves most about them is their “capacity to positively impact others.” As Editor-In-Chief of the school paper, Mimi enjoys helping students express their ideas and opinions, saying she particularly loves it when the articles start conversations in the Cannon community. She is also the leader of Spectrum, a group of students that strives to ensure that the Cannon community recognizes and values diversity within and outside it. In addition, Mimi has been leader of the Envirothon team for almost eight years, developing her passion for Environmental Science and working with members to raise awareness of pertinent environmental issues.

For years, Mimi has impressed her peers and teachers with her leadership and involvement at school. Her myriad accomplishments and genuine passion for all she does are why she was chosen as the August Teg of the Month.